Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Emotions overwhelm Carmen Evans whenever she talks about her family in Puerto Rico. She and her husband weren't sure they'd survived the hurricane.

"Words can't express what I feel right now," Evans said. "I didn't know for a couple of days. I mean it took us like three days for one of them to reach out to me," she said.

Her nephew was the first to call.

"And he lost half of his house. He lost his entire roof, two walls and all of the inside. Everything that was inside, he lost it all," she said.

Her niece, Aliz, later reached out.

"She lost some of her items, but like she said, 'That's material stuff auntie. That's material stuff. I don't care about that, but I care about him,'" Evans said.

Aliz was talking about her husband Luis.

"He has kidney problems with both of his kidneys," Carmen said.

And they'd be in Columbia finding treatment if it weren't for Hurricane Maria.

"But due to what happened with Maria there is no flight or the flights that are going out are special flights," she said.

They're worried he won't get the help he needs.

"She reached out to me and asked me, 'Auntie, what do you think I should do?'" Evans said.

She told her to keep trying.