Blythewood, SC (WLTX) - The town of Blythewood may be getting a bus route in the next couple of months.

The town hall wants a Comet Buses route with a park and ride at Doko Meadows Park. People could hop on the bus and it will drop you off in downtown Columbia. Councilman Malcolm Gordge believes that it will be cost effective.

"We hope that it will provide that convenience of transportation. Obviously saving gas prices and the wear and tear on vehicles," said Gordge.

Bettye Lamar lives in the area and says this couldn’t really benefit everywhere, especially those without a car.

“I think it's a great idea. I hope people utilize it," said Lamar. "We really need transportation for people who don't have it and I think it's a wonderful idea."

Gordge says not having to drive on the interstate can really help people start their work day.

"You can actually start work as soon as you sit on the bus and that's a great free stress way from getting from your home to your place of work."

Gordge and the chamber of commerce is wanting to hear feedback from people in the community on what times would work best for everyone.

City council and Comet plan on voting on the bus route on July 26th. If the plan is approved, they will start the bus route in September. Folks can ride the bus for free during the first week.