Cayce, SC (WLTX) - Habitat for Humanity and the Cayce Fire Department are coming together to help rebuild one elderly woman's home.

Willie Dean is 105-years-old and lives in Cayce. Back in April she lost her home to a fire and it's something that's affected the whole family.

"My childhood, everything, I grew up here and this was the place. The place that I could call home," said great grandson Keyshawn James. "That pretty much broke my heart because I had so much memories in the house. The house is a materialistic thing. I can always get that back but my grandmother, I was glad shot out safe."

There were a lot of memories in that house considering the fact that she had over 70 foster kids over the years.

Dean's granddaughter, Brittany Brannon, says although her grandmother is a small lady, she's known for the size of her heart.

"You know she's the smallest lady with the biggest heart," said Brannon. "It feels good finally be able to do something for her when she's done so much for everybody."

When person who's helping out with the project is Chuck Applegate with Habitat for Humanity. He's never met Dean but he knows how much impact she's made in the community.

"At a hundred and five years old and being that we're in the revitalization program, we couldn't leave it. We couldn't let her live without a home," said Applegate.

Since Dean has a long history of serving others, that makes Applegate want to work just as hard to bring her back home.

"If there was someone in need to be able to get back on their feet, she was willing to take them on and come one and bring them in here," said Applegate. "There's other people willing to step up and go beyond and come on and help the community."

Although this may be a dark time for the family, James knows he can count on the community when his family needs them most.

"We come together as one, as a family from where we started," said James. "We wish for better days, pray, and can't do much more than try and move on and look for the better."

If you would like to help, you have a chance to do that Thursday, June 15th. By going to any Chipotle in the Columbia area, you can mention Habitat for Humanity when you buy your food and fifty percent of what you buy will be donated to help rebuild Dean's home.