Manning, SC (WLTX)- People in Manning have complained about mosquitoes so much, officials had to start spraying for them in November.

Manning's Public Works Director Robin Hardy says this is the worst mosquito problem they've seen during the fall in two decades.

He says they usually stop in the middle of October after a big frost that kills them all but this year, it just hasn't happened.

Hardy says the biggest reason is the hot and dry weather, "mosquitoes have been laying eggs" and the conditions have helped the eggs mature and hatch.

It's all turned out to be quite costly for the city, "a five gallon bucket of [chemicals] runs about $900 and it lasts us maybe one week so it’s costing us 900-1,000 dollars a week just for the chemical to spray" said Hardy.

But because the piles of complaints keep stacking up, Hardy plans to keep going until they get rid of the complaints.

Clarendon County does not count with the same equipment Manning has, so it's been all up to the them. Hardy asks people to please bear with them.