Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A new warning from the Centers for Disease Control about you and your contacts.

New numbers show a large number of you have at least one bad habit that increases your chance for an eye infection.

Contact wearer, beware. Your bad habits with your lenses could lead to major issues. Mary Hill is taking her girls for their annual eye checkup. She's wearing her glasses today, but says she's been wearing contacts for almost eight years.

"Take them out nightly, put them in the solution, the contact solution and put them back in," Hill said.

She knows how to take care of her contact lenses, but according to new numbers many of you only use water to clean them.

That's what Ryan did and now he's having eye problems.

"Right now, I have a giant scar in the middle of my left eye from the infection," Ryan said.

He's the focus of one of several new videos from the Centers for Disease Control about contact lens health.

The message is water and contacts don't mix because germs found in water can stick to contact lenses and infect your eyes., especially for the 85 percent of kids ages 12 to 17 and the 87 percent of adults who admit to having bad habits when it comes to their contact lenses.

Some other bad habits from the study are sleeping or napping while wearing contacts and not replacing them as often as prescribed.

"Does that surprise you?"

"Well, no because I see it everyday," said Dr. John Brinkley.

He's an optometrist who says he's seen a red painful eye, which could be the start of an infection.

He says with school back in session, give your kids an extra 10 to 15 minutes to put in their contacts.

The CDC says you should also replace your contact lens case regularly. Germs are more likely to get on the case when not replaced.

Don't sleep or nap while wearing your contacts. It increases the chance for infection by 6 to 8 times