Camden, SC (WLTX) -- Some Camden residents were frustrated after a train engine was left on the tracks, idling for days.

Cotina Johnson reached out to News 19, frustrated about the noise from a CSX train that's been sitting on the track outside her Garden Street home for at least two days.

Johnson suffered a stroke about five months ago, and she is still recovering. Because of the stroke, she now deals with migraines, so the engine idling 24 hours a day for two days straight made the situation worse for Johnson.

According to Johnson, this isn't the first time a CSX train engine has been left idling on the tracks by her house. She said she vividly remembers at least two other times in her five years of living in Camden. She said, one time, an engine stayed on the track for more than a week.

Johnson said she reached out to law enforcement, but they couldn't do anything about it because it was on the train tracks.

News 19 reached out to CSX to find out why a train engine was idling for days.

In a statement, the media relations manager said: "It is sometimes necessary for locomotives to idle their engines on a siding track to maintain air brake pressure and prevent fluids from freezing in mechanical components of the engine. CSX understands this can be inconvenient for our neighbors and we work to minimize impacts to the surrounding community whenever possible."

The statement also explained that the locomotive was recently used to transport maintenance equipment in the area, and it was scheduled to be moved by Saturday.

However, when a News 19 crew was covering the story, another CSX train engine pulled up, attached the idling engine to the train and pulled away.

No explanation has been given about why the engine was picked up a day earlier than expected.