Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The protest at NFL games continued on Monday Night Football, but in a different way.

The Dallas Cowboys locked arms and briefly took a knee before the national anthem was performed. The team said they did so as a show of unity, following President Trump's weekend remarks about the NFL.

Cowboys players, coaches, and their owner, Jerry Jones, stood together on the sideline as the national anthem took place.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals also stood for the anthem. They interlocked arms in the end zone next to military members.

Several players from many NFL teams chose not to stand during the national weekend on Sunday, while many teams stood and linked arms. Some teams decided to not even take part in the national anthem and instead stayed in the locker rooms.

With one more game being played on Monday, all eyes were on the Cowboys and Cardinals to see what players would do during the anthem.

"I did see what the Cowboys did before the national anthem...They didn't want to take sides, but they did acknowledge that it was an issue without disrespecting the flag, in the eyes of other people," said Paul Morano.

"It still shows that they are giving the effort and the thought to make a gesture to show that they are aware of what the issues are and what is going on. They're trying to do their part as a team, but I feel like that part of it was more of a 50/50 thing," said Roderick Johnson.

Both Johnson and Morano said this is an issue where you need to look at all sides to understand each perspective.

The next NFL game is Thursday night, so we'll see if these silent protests continue.