Hilton Head, SC (WLTX) - There were hundreds of people lined up with their cars parked at the checkpoint into Beaufort County Sunday, some saying they’d been there since the day before. But no one without a re-entry pass was allowed into the islands.

The area is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Matthew.

At Palmetto Bay Marina, there was a mess, with that were thrashed into a giant heap, While some of the boats are for recreations, others are house boats--people's homes. The dock it was heavily damage, with large cracks in it.

"I knew the storm was coming you know we all had some forewarning we just didn’t know how bad it was going to be," said one resident. "So I made the decision to bring my boat to the marina, Palmetto Bay Marina thinking it would be safe. At first light, it was still blowing but it was enough that you could come outside and I saw this. My first thing was, where’s my boat, right? So my boat I parked on the outside thinking worse case scenario, if this happens, I’ll be over there and sure enough I was."

Our news team had difficulty driving around the island, as several pathways were blocked by downed trees and other debris.

"You're not getting into [there]," said Toby McSwain, the director of security, a resort on the island. "You can barely drive through to get to our administration building. You gotta sit tight. Wherever you're at, we recommend that's where you stay."

"Well here in Sea Pines it’s a disaster," said one person on the island. "I mean theres a large oak or pine that's down across the road every 100 foot, like hundreds maybe thousands. it’s rough we’ve got no power obviously, no running water, i got a day’s worth of water left here. I feel like I’m stranded in the jungle or something."

Late Sunday afternoon, the evacuation order was lifted for Beaufort County.