Cayce, SC (WLTX) - Two years after the Thousand-Year Flood in 2015, all parts of the Cayce Riverwalk may soon be reopened.

Some come to the Cayce Riverwalk to run away from the world, and clear their minds.

Dave Mullis is from Lexington and likes to spend time with his dog on the trail.

"It's a nice place just to get solitude and get away. It’s our daily walk. Once I retired, we try and get a few miles in every day for his benefit and mine," Mullis said.

Mullis and his dog love walking the 12-mile stretch in Cayce, but for the last two years, they've ran into obstacles along the way.

"Well we've been wondering ever since it flooded," he said. "I just keep on coming back here and checking to see if they've got it opened back up again. That's a nice section that got washed out up there."

The Thousand-Year Flood took it's wrath on the riverwalk area, and took out a portion right in the middle of the trail. With barricades blocking its path, it has folks wondering when it will reopen.

The portion that’s closed now is located near the Martin Marietta-Cayce Quarry.

Mayor of Cayce, Elise Partin, says the landscape has helped cause the delay.

"With it being on a slope and being boardwalk, it's hard to mobilize," Partin explained. "It's not like you can come in and surround a place that needs to be fixed. You have to fix this piece and then move down and fix the next piece,."

According to the City of Cayce Twitter page, a new boardwalk and bridge is being built on the slope by the quarry.

Crews are working on the closed portion now, but Partin says good news is on the way.

"This last little piece that will get opened very soon will connect all of that," she said. "So you will have twelve miles of continuous riverwalk in Cayce. We're excited that this portion is about to be opened."

Although there's not an exact day the portion will be reopened, the city plans on making an announcement on it next week.