Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Richland County deputies have arrested a student that they believe threatened to "shoot up" Lower Richland High School.

Investigators say bullying could have been a motive behind the threat.

Dashaan Sims, 17, has been charged with unlawful communication and aggravated breach of trust.

Lt. Curtis Wilson with the Richland County Sheriff's Department says investigators believe Sims lashed out on social media after his sister was bullied at school the day before.

"This incident became physical to a degree," says Wilson. "It upset him. So, he made these threats on social media that he was going to shoot up the school and he posted it all over social media."

Parents called the sheriff's department about the threats. One person even posted a screenshot on our WLTX Facebook page of what they believe came from Sims.

A woman claiming to be his mother commented on our story saying that she "made him take it down" and that "he was upset that his sister was jumped." She says she promises that "no harm was intended."

We reached out to Richland County School District One about the incident. They released this statement saying:

District staff and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department worked together to investigate the matter. This morning, the Sheriff’s Department announced that an arrest had been made and that a suspect was in custody. We appreciate the work of the Sheriff’s Department in bringing a resolution to this matter quickly. The incident is still being investigated by the district and by the Sheriff’s Department.

"This whole incident could've been prevented if handled properly, but instead it was one of those situations where a kid was making fun of another kid and it just blew up from there," says Wilson. "It's an unfortunate that a 17-year-old had to be arrested on something like this, but again, it's our job. This is what we do."

Deputies say no gun was found on Sims when he was arrested.