Lexington County, SC (WLTX) - A Lexington County councilman is facing charges after deputies say he damaged his father-in-law's car as part of a family argument.

Phillip Heyward Yarborough Jr., 35, who represents Seven Oaks and parts of Irmo, is charged with malicious injury to personal property.

An incident report states that Yarborough had gotten married on Saturday. Hours afterward, however, officers say he argued with his wife, and they went to separate locations. Witnesses also said that Yarborough also got into a fight with his father-in-law at a local hotel.

In a separate incident report filed by West Columbia Police, witnesses said Yarborough was intoxicated and could be heard cursing at his wife.

Hotel witnesses said Yarborough's father-in-law left with blood on his face following the fight in a hotel bathroom.

According to the report, the hotel where this incident took place, Holiday Inn, placed Yarborough on trespass notice.

Investigators said Yarborogh came back to their house on Sunday to talk to his wife, but her parents were home, and the family wouldn't let him come inside. The report states that he told one of the people in the house, "you don't hit a councilman."

The report says witnesses told them Yarborough got angry, bent the license plate of his father-in-law's truck, and threw a rock at the vehicle.

Officers responded to the scene and after talking to witnesses, took him into custody. He was released Monday morning on personal recognizance, and will return when a court hearing is scheduled.

West Columbia Police has not yet formally charged anyone involved in the incident. Investigators are still looking into the case.

Yarborough's page on the Lexington County website says he is the owner of Imperial Homes. His current term does runs through the end of 2018.