Charleston, SC (WCSC via CBS) - Controversy at Cane Bay Middle School after a student who knelt down for the Pledge of Allegiance apparently was told to stand up.

The person who ordered the student to stand was a Berkeley County Sheriff's deputy.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office says the incident at Cane Bay Middle School happened about two weeks ago. Chief Deputy Mike Cochran says a student knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance.
That's when a deputy, a fill-in school resource officer reportedly told the student to stand for the pledge.

School district officials say the student apparently refused.

Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis said Wednesday that he doesn't believe his officer did anything wrong, but they are investigatng.

A spokeswoman for the Berkeley County School District said the student had the right to kneel down and not stand for the pledge. According to state law, anyone in school can refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance without being penalized.

Officials say the student who knelt down was not disciplined.

The controversy at Cane Bay is far from over. The student's father has filed a complaint with the sheriff's office about the deputy's handling of the incident. Cochran says an internal investigation is underway.