Sumter, SC (WLTX) - The impact of Irma could have been much worse in South Carolina, but that will provide little comfort to the families of the four people killed due to the storm.

One of those was William McBride, 54, who died from carbon monoxide poisoning after he left his generator running inside his mobile home in Sumter.

Even through the grief of losing their father, McBride's children shared their story with News19 in hopes of preventing something like this from happening to anyone else.

When Lorraine, Claretta and Terrence Lawson think about their father, they remember Willie McBride as a handy-man, a family-man, a man who was always there when they needed him.

The night Irma passed by the Midlands, their home lost power, and the rest of the family members evacuated. Mr. McBride, however, decided to stay home.

His daughters tell News19 they asked him not to turn on the generator and he promised he wouldn't. The next morning, his son found him dead in the home.

His granddaughter, Londyn Benjamin, remembers PapPap like this, "he was fixing my toys everyday and he was getting me off the bus... but now he's gone," she whispered.

"More so than anything my heart aches for them, because we know the love and the relationship they had with their granddad," said Claretta Snow.

"I don't understand it and it hurts," said Lorraine Lawson, "accidents happen and we just have to put it in God's hands so we can move forward."