Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Monday was the 30th consecutive dry day at the Columbia airport and looks like that streak will continue.

From the Upstate to the Midlands the drought continues to expand as dry weather suffocates the Palmetto State.

The Columbia airport received 3.68" inches of rain on October 8. That rain was associated with Hurricane Matthew, but since then, we have not even gotten a trace of rain.

"It's a lot harder, we haven't had rain since the hurricane. It takes more water to get it wet. Everything is not going well," said Jacob Lane.

Lane helps his dad at Lane Specialty Gardens in Neeses. He says the lack of rain causes more work and more cost.

In Blythewood, the clay soil is cracking from the arid conditions, Edwina Harrell and her husband own Crooked Cedar Farm.

Harrell said, "A lot of the plants went into the ground before Matthew, so they got the benefit of that rain and that made them really grow, but my seeding has not come up as well as it should have."

Harrell is having to work more just to keep her crops healthy, since Mother Nature is not providing any relief.

She said, "It's harder because I have to get out here and pull the hoses, and they continually kink."

"It takes a long time to water. I have to stand there and water, back and forth, and you really don't know how much you are putting in the ground," Harrell said.

Harrell says it takes about two hours a day to keep everything watered. Now both Lane and Harrell wait for a weather pattern change.

Harrell said, "We're hoping that it will start back raining. Just a normal monthly rainfall."

The all-time record for consecutive dry days in Columbia is 40 days. That record was set in 1961. If Columbia remains dry through Thursday, November 17, it would tie that record.