The State Election Commission says there have not been any cyberattacks or threats to South Carolina elections, but they are continuing to improve their security efforts.

The state agency is currently looking to hire a cyber security company to help them identify ways to improve.

They contracted an agency last year and officials say they realize it’s protection they will continue to need.

“They never stop and they're always looking at new ways and new avenues to come at us,” Chris Whitmire with the Election Commission said of hackers.

Whitmire said the agency wants an extra layer of protection for things like electronic voting machines, voting registration systems and their websites.

“Security is a top priority,” Whitmire explained.

The company would also monitor their systems and provide recommendations on ways to make it safer.

“Elections are fundamental to our country,” the election commission spokesperson said passionately. “It's important that we protect that.”

The deadline for cyber security companies to apply is Friday.

The contract is up to $50,000.

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