Columbia/Orangeburg County, SC (WLTX) - Some Midlands food service employees say they are not getting paid.

Folks working for restaurants operated by Perkins Management Services say they have not gotten a paycheck in weeks.

“I can't pay my phone bill. I have no food to support myself. I am also a college student,” Azaria Arnold explained.

Arnold worked at the Burger King on Benedict College’s campus.

“I'm really disappointed and I think it's really sad that y'all don't communicate with your employees. The people that work for you and help you get your money,” Arnold said passionately. “I hope that y'all learn how a business is supposed to be run and I hope that y'all get sued.”

Arnold said her last paycheck bounced and that she still had not received the paycheck she was supposed to get on Monday.

“I just want everybody to get paid, because there's so many people that I work with that's struggling right now,” the college junior said. “A woman that I know she just got put out with her two kids yesterday, and another man I know his lights are not on.”

Employees at an Orangeburg Burger King said the same issues are happening there. The fast-food restaurant is also managed by Perkins.

“It's just an inconvenience, when it comes to me paying my bills and me taking care of my child,” former Burger King employee Jacques Ray said. “I have a 10-year-old daughter and have also a 7-month-old son.”

Ray said he is owed about $1,200. He said his paycheck he received Thursday bounced and that several of his previous checks have bounced as well.

“My lights did get cut off one time,” Ray said. “It's an embarrassment and it's also it makes you feel like you can't do what you need to do, you can't take care of your business.”

Ray said he stopped showing up to work because he was not getting paid.

“My light bill is due. I mean my mom has cancer,” Burger King Shift leader Danielle Williams said.

Williams said she is not able to take care of herself nor her mother.

Williams said the company owes her at least $1000.

“If it was you, how would you feel? That’s all I want, what’s due to me,” Williams said.

The employees said frequent bounced checks is an issue they have been dealing with for months.

We reached out to Perkins Management Services, the company that runs the fast food restaurants. They said they were not offering a statement on the matter.

“People work hard for their money. A lot of people in the cafe have children and if you don't care about people's kids or their livelihood then I'm not working for a company like that,” Arnold said. “I just can't. I just can't.”

The employees said they are filing complaints with the Labor Department. We have reached out to them as well and have yet to hear back.

We are continuing to reach out to different government organizations to help these workers get their money.