Charleston, SC (WLTX) - It was a short day in court on Wednesday for the Michael Slager murder trial, as jurors were dismissed early for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Slager is the former North Charleston police officer who shot and killed 50-year-old Walter Scott following a traffic stop in April of 2015.

The defense team called on Eugenio Liscio, an expert in 3D reconstructions of crime scenes.
He was able to use the laser scanning system that SLED agents used at the scene to make those images.

He also used the cell phone video from Fedin Santana to mark where both Slager and Scott were at the time of the first gun shot.

During his initial testimony the defense brought up the idea that Scott possibly had Slager’s Taser in his hand along with his cell phone.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson questioned him on this during cross examination.

“In that left hand and again, I'm not to scale of Walter Scott, but your process of elimination is that Mr. Scott wouldn't have been able to really hold the Taser with that hand and toss it or whatever?” asked Wilson.

“It's not likely,” says Liscio.

Wilson also asked Liscio to walk the distance that Scott and Slager were during each shot fired, using a tape measure. The first shot came at 18 feet.

Court wrapped up early, but the defense is expecting to take at least three more days for testimony in this trial.