Winnsboro, SC (WLTX) - Fairfield County Council called a special meeting Wednesday night, in response to massive layoffs at the V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant.

"The magnitude of this failure can not be overestimated," says council chairman Billy Smith. "We are not going to take this roll over lightly or silently."

Concilman Smith gave a statement at the meeting, before giving citizens a chance to voice their concerns.

Back in 2010, the county made a fee in lieu agreement with SCE&G, which would reduce the cost they would have to pay the county when the reactors were completed.

"They told us that their last option was to abandon the site and if they could not finish both units, then they could at least work on unit two, because we're so far ahead," says Diana Robinson, who worked at the plant for three years. "The more we delay and the more the skilled craft leave to go to other areas means there are more chances that this isn't going to happen."

"Twenty two people made a decision that affected not only this county, but this state and the livelihoods of thousands of people and it seems they have no remorse or regret about it," says Representative MaryGail Douglas, D-Fairfield County.

There were hopes that the tax revenue earned from the growth of the nuclear plant would help fund future infrastructure, business and teacher salaries.

"We're on to Plan B," says Fairfield County School Superintendent Dr. J.R. Green. "We were hopeful that we were going to use this new revenue to make a reality. We will not give up. Where there is a will there is a way, So we are still searching opportunities to make that happen."

Councilman Smith stressed that the county would explore all of their options for future revenue.

"We're going to move forward," he says.

Council did not take any action during their executive session.