Fairfield County, SC (WLTX) - The legal woes continue for SCE&G, taken to court by Fairfield County on Friday.

Fairrfield county's lawyer Terry Richardson says the county has filed a temporary injunction against SCE&G to prevent them from abandoning the VC Summer project for two reasons.

First, they want access to the VC Summer Project Site to assess what taxes are owed.

"It's going to take a month to three months to get that done," Richardson said.

Second, they want to give other companies a chance to take over the license for the project.

"We're looking at the largest economic development potential not only in Fairfield, but maybe even the state of South Carolina," Richardson said.

Fairfield county is already $24.6 million dollars in debt, and estimated the reactor's revenue giving them $75 million dollars a year.

"I have heard nothing, zero, there's no evidence or testimony put forward by the county of irreparable harm," said SCE&G's lawyer Steven Pugh.

Pugh says the company's right to terminate the project was all in the contract, along with what options the county is allowed.

"Unfortunately, the doomsday scenario that was outlined as a potential result in that agreement is the situation we find ourselves in," Pugh said.

Pugh also said the company believes they'll get $2 billion dollars in tax write off for abandoning the project, and that's money they don't want to lose.

"The irreparable harm that you're talking about in this case would be if the court were to fashion a remedy that would impede the ability of the company to take that tax credit," Pugh said. "That is a $2 billion loss to the company, period."

Judge Brian Gibbons says he hopes to give his decision by next Thursday.