Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One year ago today, the nation was rocked by a shooting at Orlando Pulse night club that left 49 people dead and injured dozens more. The victims were remembered on Monday with an Honor them with Action rally at the State House.

"It was such a targeted attack at a community," Tim Bupp, pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church in Columbia, says the Orlando Massacre brought an ugly truth out of the darkness.

"In this United States, where we try to convince ourselves we're all one, we found out that we aren't," Bupp said. "You know, that people still want to lash out at certain people."

With the same light, the act revealed that hate would be answered with hugs, cruelty would be met with candles, and the horror would bring hands together.

"The outpour of love was just phenomenal," Bupp said.

"It was amazing," said Tiffany Adams, pastor of The Way in West Columbia. "From celebrities to your common people like you and me, trying to send what we could, express what we could."

Adams says, whatever the point of the shooting, it didn't work.

"I believe what he ended up doing was creating martyrs, and everybody rallies behind a martyr," Adams said. "He united us."

Adams says it certainly didn't stop the love in her own life.

"I am recently engaged," Adams admitted, "just a week and a day, and I am so happy."

"After it was all said and done, love won," Bupp said. "Hate may have a voice for a short period of time, but love out-echoes hate in so many ways."