Samsung announced Wednesday it will invest $380 million in South Carolina to manufacture home appliances, creating an estimated 950 jobs over the next three years. The $380M facility will produce some of Samsung’s most popular, industry-leading home appliances and will generate 954 local jobs by 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Samsung investing in this facility?

Samsung's initial investment in this facility will be $380 million, with plans to grow from there.

Why is Samsung making this investment?

Home appliance preferences vary greatly by region and this facility will allow Samsung to more quickly and efficiently adapt to the high demands and regional needs of their largest, fastest growing home appliance market, according to a Samsung statement. Samsung says placing their engineers, R&D and manufacturing operations closer to U.S. consumers will help them do an even better job of developing and delivering innovative products.

How many people will the plant employ and what kinds of roles will they fill?

The plant will generate 954 direct jobs, including advanced manufacturing positions for craftsmen, operators, engineers and employees in other technical and non-technical roles. As with their semiconductor facility in Austin, Texas, Samsung plans to hire locally and invest in the community in a variety of ways. This includes a focus on using local vendors when possible, which we expect will support indirect jobs beyond those being directly created in their facility, Samsung says.

How do I learn about employment opportunities at the facility?

If you would like to receive information about the hiring process for the manufacturing facility in Newberry, please e-mail

What will the plant produce?

The facility will produce some of Samsung’s most popular and industry-leading home appliances, including washing machines. Ultimately, Samsung says it envisions it serving as the U.S. hub for home appliance manufacturing across the business unit.

Where will those products be sold?

Products made in the South Carolina facility will primarily be sold to consumers in the U.S., which is Samsung's fastest growing home appliance market.

When will the facility be complete?

Construction on the South Carolina facility will begin as soon as possible. In order to minimize environmental footprint, Samsung decided to refurbish a vacated facility rather than build an entirely new one. This will also accelerate the production timeline at the plant.

When will the facility be operational?

Samsung says it expects to begin manufacturing later this year, in response to growing U.S. demand.

Why did Samsung choose to locate this plant in Newberry County, South Carolina?

Samsung says that, first and foremost, South Carolina is home to a highly-skilled workforce that is well suited to drive their growth. They also say the state has a strong track record of successfully attracting and retaining other global businesses, and it they have confidence in the strong local government leadership. And finally, Samsung says they were impressed with the state’s excellent highway infrastructure and port facilities, which they view as major logistical and supply chain advantages.