Richland County, SC (WLTX) Some Midlands fifth graders are teaching their parents the importance of voting, all while connecting Halloween, and history into the election season in a play they performed Tuesday night.

William S. Sandel Elementary Theater teacher, Robin Jefferson tells News 19, "Ghosts of Voting past" is a parody of "A Christmas Carol." She says, "There are three ghosts featered from each significant voting rights opportunity, whether it be the right for women to vote, the lowering of the voting age from 21 to 18, and of course the Voting Rights act passed in 1965."

Kamiyl Hampton plays a candidate running for student council president. She explains what she learned, saying, "The play is about voting and I learned a lot about women's rights. And what happened a long time ago and stuff."

These young actors showed the audience why, what happened a long time ago is important today. In the play, If Kamiyl wins her election, she will be the first female student body president. She tells News 19, "Throughout the play, I share my opinion, what I think and what I've learned through the whole days before Halloween, the student council election."

But at center stage in this performance is what all of us can learn from these kids. Speaking of the parents, Jefferson says, "I want them to know that their children's voices are not just little voices, but extremely large and significant."

Kamiyl says its very important for those who can, to go to the polls on voting day. She says, "I think you should go vote because I think one vote can change everything."

Jefferson says that doing a play is an important way to learn. She says "Its a way for the students who are not typically your mathematicians and scholars It gives them the same opportunity to express themselves and show that I can make a difference, and say I am talented."

She says the students wrote parts of the play and they rehearsed for a month before their two performances on Tuesday; one for the student body and one for their parents.