Ridgeway, SC (WLTX) -- A mother and daughter in Ridgeway are spreading the message of love, hope and faith, one rock at a time.

Last year Pokémon Go was a hit, a modern hide-and-seek game using your cell phone. Now a new treasure-hunting trend has been growing, but this one is very simple and it rocking through the town of Ridgeway.

"We're basically having fun and giving each other happiness," said Rosalee Harrison. She and her mother, Angela Harrison, have been painting rocks with messages and putting them around Ridgeway.

They were inspired after seeing a group from Ohio doing the same thing on CBS This Morning.

Angela said, "We have fun painting together. It is a bonding moment that we get. Also, we have met new people. We met a new neighbor that found one of our rocks first. It is just something to share with the community."

Rosalee hopes this will get children and parents moving more instead and sitting indoors. She said, "We can connect and random people are coming together, and we are meeting some new people."

Those new people may get a little motivation too, especially with messages the mother and daughter team are painting.

Rosalee said, "Whenever we find a rock that some person we don't know hides, it gives us a good feeling. When we write on these rocks with hope and love, it gives them good feelings."

"There is always hope, and in our little town, we have lots of hope. Things happen when we all come together and share that hope, and that faith, and that love," said Angela.

Their goal is to paint 1000 rocks or get at least 100 people to post on their Ridgeway Rocks Facebook page that the rocks have been found.

Community rock groups like this are a growing. Vancouver Rocks is one of the largest, it has over 32,000 members on its Facebook page.