Columbia, SC (WLTX) - From everyone here at WLTX, we want to thank you. You made our phone bank a success. With your generous donations we were able to raise at least $40,000 for the American Red Cross.

Some people still want to give, but don't know the best way to donate or what to donate.

Rebecca Jordan is the Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Central South Carolina and asked that you do not drop off items.

"We sent 80 truckloads full of supplies last week in anticipation of the storm. We work with a lot of partners that are able to stretch the dollar further to be able to get those supplies, so if people want to donate supplies here we don't really have a way to store them and to ship them to Texas,” she said.

The Salvation Army agreed. Mark Barrett works for the organization and said the best way right now is to donate monetarily.

"All of those funds go directly to (Hurricane) Harvey relief. They won't be used anywhere else. If you earmark your money for disasters it's going to be used for that disaster. We're able to get that to the corps on the ground to purchase things that are local to the disaster, so we're able to get things in much more easily," he said.

And even though the phone bank is over you can still donate online.