Sumter, SC (WLTX) - "Fix our school!" students at Morris College chanted at Riley Park in Sumter Thursday. They say buildings on campus are infested with mold.

"I mean it's ridiculous," a student said.

"The problem is in every dorm," another student said.

The students, who did not want to be identified, said it is a reoccurring problem.

"They kept saying they were going to fix these issues and every year we would return to the same living conditions," another student said.

About 60 - 70 students showed up at the park to talk to News 19 about their concerns.

"At this point we feel disrespected as the adults we're supposed to be," a student said. "The administration, you don't have kids, god-sons, god-nieces? Would you want your family living in this?"

Leroy Staggers, Morris College's interim president, said he only recently found out about the issue.

"The situation came to our administration's attention two and a half weeks ago," Staggers said.

Staggers says they have only found mold in one dorm building and that a broken HVAC system is to blame.

"This [dorm building] is the only facility that the system is not working that controls mold buildup," Staggers said.

As a result, he says the residents in that dorm are being relocated immediately for their health.

"The highest priority we have at the institution is to make sure our students are safe," Staggers said.

Students also complained of mold found in other areas of the campus, claiming the cafeteria, certain hallways, and showers are infected. Staggers says he eats in the same cafeteria as the students and has never noticed an issue. He also says he has no documented complaints of the sort.

"There are no complaints that have come through our administration that mold is in other facilities other than the residence hall, and specifically that residence hall where we know there is a problem," Staggers said.

Staggers says if his office does receive formal complaints, he will look into it.

"If there are problems we will definitely try to have them cleaned out and sanitized," Staggers said.

Staggers says he plans to test all of the living spaces on campus for mold before the Spring semester.