Columbia, SC (WLTX)- One neighborhood in the St. Andrews area was hit really hard by the floods last year. Saturday night, they got together to celebrate the flood of hope that came afterwards.

Folks around Wilton Hill Road are still feeling the wrath of the October floods. For some, it destroyed all their belonging; others had to move out permanently, but on the other hand. it brought everyone much closer together.

Linda Hayward, played a big part in that. Andy Stafford has been a resident for over two decades and just finished his reconstruction three weeks ago. He says people around the block nicknamed Linda ricochet, "because she was in and out what do you need, what do you need, what do you need, I'll get it for you, I'll get it for you."

Hayward was the one who helped organize the block party to celebrate. That we are not flood victims anymore, we're flood survivors" said Hope Tavenner.

Hope still has a giant hole in the wall, but none of that mattered for the few minutes they were able to eat together again under different circumstances. Last time they ate together, Hayward says was when she fed them during the floods.

Ryan Plexico grew up in this neighborhood and his parents had to move out. He's now planning a 5k run named SC Flood Strong 5K behind Hand Middle School to raise funds for flood survivors.

It's $25 to register now, $40 at the door and the money is going towards Hearts and hands Disaster Relief. Click here to register.