Lexington County, SC (WLTX)- Lexington Old Mill saw a lot of destruction after three dams broke back-to-back. One shop completely closed, others moved out but those who stayed say it's made a big difference in their lives.

Scott Brewer manages the Cross Fit gym on the Old Mill and says he's so inspired to see people pull together as a community.

"Literally, we were down 36 hours" he explained, "we pulled everything out of this facility, scrubbed everything down and disinfected it to put it back in."

He says volunteers from all over came to help put his gym back together and that strengthened a different side in him.

Over 20 businesses were touched and hundredths of people were touched at the Old Mill.

Now, the lake is drained significantly impacting the BrewPub. Chris Crowley says their Yelp reviews have gone down because people say the view is not as appealing anymore.

The dam owner tells News19 they're working the Town of Lexington to find ways for FEMA to help pay for the repair. They have plans to fill up the lake again and possibly put in a boardwalk.