Folly Beach, SC (WLTX) - Folly Beach is like a ghost town--and that's a good thing.

Police have the road leading into the area blocked off, urging people to go home, telling people if they want to stay ride this out, they're on their own.

With most gas stations empty, and homes and businesses boarded up, it seems most people have decided to play it safe and leave town.

Police say anyone who chooses to stay will not have access to emergency services, and if the wind gets too bad, they're packing up and leaving, closing the roads behind them, which would trap people here until the storm passes

Charles Newell was boarding up his home for the first time since hurricane Hugo in 1989.

"I'm just boarding up these windows, trying to keep any debris from coming in," he said. "I've got time to do it."

Thursday was essentially the last chance for folks to get out of the coastal areas before the storm rolls in. Nikki Haley also said almost all the hotels in South Carolina are booked solid with evacuees but there are shelters open.