COLUMBIA, SC (WLTX) - Candice Saxon is not your average fashion designer.

"My family was all Navy or Army," she explained. "I was inspired by that at a young age. I graduated high school early and left for the army as a firefighter."

She also worked as a 911 dispatcher. That's when she discovered a new calling.

"We have downtime during that job and I would just sit and look at clothes online like any regular girl," she said. "But at some point I started to think I'm going to do this, I'm going to pursue this."

So she did. In January she launched a clothing line: Candice Saxon Designs.

Candice still works for the army as a drill sergeant.

She says it's made her tough and resilient; the qualities of a great soldier, and a great designer.

"The army got me to where I am today and gave me all the tools to start building this company," she said. "That just transitioned into me as a leader being someone who can run a business."

When she's not lacing up her boots at Fort Jackson, she's picking up a needle and thread, stitching together beautiful clothes.

"When women get dressed I want them to feel good," she said. "I just want them to feel in their chest that they're so happy in that dress. And that’s the whole goal of me as a designer, I want women to feel good when they get dressed. I'm inspired by love."

You can see and purchase Candice's designs online here.