Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- South Carolina men's basketball coach Frank Martin spoke out for the first time Thursday afternoon about the nationwide federal bribery and corruption case.

One of the four coaches involved was Lamont Evans, Martin's former assistant. To sum up how he felt, Martin said he was heartbroken.

"While I was not shocked about what was reported, I was shocked by who was part of the report," Martin said at a press conference on Thursday.

That person was Lamont Evans, who was Martin's assistant at South Carolina from 2012 to 2016. Evans left USC for an assistant coaching job at Oklahoma State University.

"That broke my heart. I can't tell you that those 48 hours after that news broke were good for me," said Martin.

Last month, the FBI filed charges against Evans, along with three other NCAA basketball coaches, which accuse him of accepting $22 thousand in bribes to influence college players to sign with certain sports agents.

"I was surprised when I saw Lamont's name because I do pay attention. I do engage in conversations with my staff on a regular basis because doing things right is so important to me."

During the press conference, Coach Martin stated that he, the basketball program and the university were not under investigation.

"I have not worked so hard to overcome the odds to obtain the job and the trust of the people that have employed me to circumvent it for a few dollars. I'm not doing that," said Martin.

It's been more than a week since the corruption case was reported and Martin said he has not spoken to Evans since his arrest.

"I got to be ready for that day, and I'm not ready for that day with Lamont right now," he said.

While Martin was surprised to hear Evans' name in the investigation, he said he was not shocked to learn about the recruiting scandal.