Gaston, SC (WLTX) - In the spirit of Friday the 13th a few brave souls embraced the fear and superstition of Terror Falls in Gaston.

"It was kind of scary at first, especially when you go through the Terror Tail," Alex Petruzzi said.

Petruzzi completed the trail and hospital maze with his brother Reese and friend Hayden McCoy..

"The chainsaws are like the scariest part," McCoy said.

"Today is the thirteenth, so I knew it was going to be scary," said Reese.

Erin Donoghue also took part in the fun, but was more superstitious than the others.

"I've had bad luck all day, so I wasn't going to be surprised if it kept going while I was here," she said.

Fortunately, they all agreed that bad luck didn't get in the way of their good time.

Fascination with Friday the 13th has been going on for centuries.

University of South Carolina sociologist Barry Markovsky studies the phenomenon.

"There's kind of a fun factor to it for some people," Markovsky said. "Other people are actually, to some extend worried about it."