What if you could translate your crowded closet into cash?

The resale business is booming. Stores like Revente, Gentlemen’s Closet, and Clothes Mentor are drawing in new customers who have never shopped resale before.

In fact according to America’s Research Group, 16-18 percent of Americans will shop at a thrift store this year. The research group says most of the growth in resale is because of young shoppers, often burdened with student debt and a recently poor job market, who want to dress professionally without breaking the bank.

Clothes Mentor Owner Sadie Cherney says resale is also very popular with moms who fluctuate through many different sizes. She said, “I tell my customers, if it doesn’t fit right, it would make you feel good. And everyone deserves to wear something that gives them confidence. So this is one stop shopping, you can sell the clothes that don’t fit, make money, and then buy something you feel good in.”

Each resale store has their own set of rules. Clothes Mentor asks for clean clothes, one to two years old, in a laundry basket. Meanwhile, Revente asks for all clothes to be clean and on hangers. Make sure you check with each store to learn the protocol before you go in.

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