Columbia, SC (WTLX) - The new gas tax for the 10-year plan to fix South Carolina roads began Saturday, July 1st.

According to, the average price for gas per gallon on Saturday was $1.89. While many people were focused on the holiday weekend, some forgot the tax even started.

"I'll be honest with you, I really didn't even notice it," said Nathan Peeples. "I guess it's about time we get new roads."

The new gas tax that started this Saturday which adds two cents to the gallon. There will be a two cent increase on the gas tax each year over the next five.

Gary Rice has been living in Columbia for over twenty years. He knows the roads well and wants give his two cents on the new tax.

"The gas tax can be a really good thing. Our roads really need it, all three divisions with the city, state, and county," said Rice.

Rice says the roads are in such a bad shape that even his car has taken a toll.

"A pothole at 35 miles per hour can cause a lot of damage but when you hit one at seventy, it can tear a lot of things up," said Rice.

At the end of the day, Rice just wants to see the newly paved roads soon.

"We don't mind paying the money but if the roads don't get fixed, I think we're going to have a real issue."

For more information about getting tax returns on the gas you pay for, click here.