Richland County, SC (WLTX) - The Gills Creek Community will be getting a Greenway.

The Richland County Council passed the penny tax project at Tuesday night’s meeting with a few amendments.

“It got off on the entirely wrong foot,” Councilman Greg Pearce explained.

Pearce said the greenway has been highly controversial and involved hours of heated public meetings and debate to finally get to this point.

“We finally came up with a plan that we believe everybody has signed in on,” Pearce said. “There’s still some people that don’t want the greenway, but everyone is willing to go with it as long as we ensure certain things happen.”

The final touches include ensuring the city of Columbia provide maintenance and security for the greenway. Pearce said the county is looking to get a binding agreement from the city.

Council also approved a provision for any of the homeowner’s associations on the east bank of the creek. They can get a binding legal agreement that will state that the greenway will never move back to the east side of the creek.

The greenway will be on the west bank of the creek and will cost $2.2 million.

Pearce says he hopes they will begin the design phase in the next few months.