Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The Gills Creek Watershed was one of the places that took the hardest beating back from the flood in 2015 and some people are feeling the impact two years later.

Jayne Dawson says she remembers flooded streets, washed out bridges, and broken dams.

"I literally had to park my car on Spring Lake Circle and walk over the bridge and there was mud everywhere."

DJ Smith said he remembers the bridges for Shorebrook Drive and Eastshore Road being washed out.

“It’s been a little bit of an inconvience. It’s impacted a lot of people just because of transportation. We’re hoping it will be done as soon as possible,” said Smith.

Many of the dams in the Gills Creek Watershed have been fixed but some roads near the Upper Rocky Creek is still being worked on two years later.

Shorebrook Drive that crosses between Forest and Spring Lake is now paved and is back open.

Right around the corner, Eastshore Road is being paved and is supposed to be opened back up in the near future.

DHEC says because of additional funding from the legislature, they’ve been able to hire more engineers to assist in the planning for rebuilding dams and fixing roads that’s been affected by the October Floods of 2015. The department has also created a dam advisory group that meets regularly to talk about this issues.

Dawson says it's been inconvenient to get where she's going.

"It used to take me about fifteen minutes to get over here. It would take me almost an hour," said Dawson.

But she's excited with one road opening up and the future of East Shore road that's closed behind her.

"Spring Lake Bridge opened up which was like, 'Yes! Finally!' So it's literally back to five minutes from my house to here," explained Dawson.

For more information on the status of dams in the state, click here.