Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Cynthia and Earl Pierce can still remember the water floodwaters filling up their home back in October of 2015. All of their belongings were destroyed.

They were told they would have rebuild their home, raising it at least five feet to meet floodplain guidelines.

Now, two years later, they are hoping to return home for the holidays.

"This is going to be our living area and kitchen," says Cynthia Pierce as she walks through her home, still under construction. "We're going with a more open floor plan, which seems to be more popular at this time."

The Pierce's had very little flood insurance and the work to get their home back has been a long process.

"It's been very slow, but God has walked us through this and we've seen his hand."

Their new home, which will now be 10 feet off the ground, will include a garage, and elevator, so that they can access all floors without using stairs.

While a majority of their items were destroyed, they hope bring with them a couple items that survived the floodwaters.

"I never dreamed that we would have as much water in the house as we did, but when we came back we had several things that we found that gave us hope," says Cynthia. "One was a piece of pottery that said 'His mercies are new every morning.'"

The other item was Earl's bible.

"It's not only a source of life, but it's a reminder that God is with us," says Earl Pierce.

With every step they've taken towards their new home, Earl says his faith in God grows.

"We're comfortable with what is happening," says Earl. "It's kind of neat how He's provided good people, circumstances and He's shown me in His word that he is going to be with us the whole way and it's exciting to see what's next."

The Pierce's hope to move into their new home by Thanksgiving, so that their whole family can celebrate a new beginning.

"We can build a house, but we hope to move back here and have a home."