It's a find so unique one woman is convinced the item she bought at a Goodwill store must have been donated by mistake. She reached out to Five on Your Side in the hopes of finding the item's rightful owner.

Jennifer Denbo took up crafting four years ago while battling breast cancer. When she found what she thought was a new quilting kit on march seventh at the Rolla Goodwill store, it looked perfect.

“I thought it would be a great item to pick up for my daughters,” said Denbo.

But when Denbo opened the kit she found much more than just fabric. She found a story, one whose beginning she's still trying to piece together.

“The corner is embroidered with the name Nena.”

And on the back of the package’s label there was a hand-written letter, which read in part, “Dearest Mikaela, this is your prayer square blanket. As I sewed each square I said a prayer for you.”

The letter was also signed “Nena”.

“The way it was packaged in the plastic where you can only see the front made me think that maybe it was donated on accident,” said Denbo.

Denbo is posting messages on Facebook and other sites, offering the quilt back to its owner.

“I feel, as a woman of faith, that I was meant to find it. I would find who it belongs to.”

But so far she hasn't had any luck.

Making things trickier is the fact that Goodwill donations made in Missouri are often transferred throughout the state, meaning the quilt may have come to Rolla from hundreds of miles away. But Denbo won't be discouraged.

“I know personally that sometimes those items are the things that mean the most to you.”

She believes someone is out there, missing the warmth of the quilt and the message that came along with it.
A Goodwill spokesman tells 5 On Your Side accidental donations happen regularly and in the past they've had some success tracking down donors to return important items. The company says it tracks where donations are transferred and the spokesman says workers may be able to help find the origin of the quilt.

Anyone who recognizes the quilt can call the Five on Your Side news desk at 314-444-5125 or the Goodwill corporate office at 314-241-3464 and ask for the administration office.