Charleston, SC (WLTX) - Governor Nikki Haley called for a statewide day of prayer Tuesday for healing in light of two high profile murder trials in Charleston and to pray for those still recovering from Hurricane Matthew.

She participated in the day of prayer at Mother Emanuel in Charleston.

“The reminder is not the shooting of Walter Scott. The reminder is not what happened here at Mother Emanuel. The reminder is not the thousand year flood that took over in 2015. The reminder is of the faith and the action that happened with every one of those tragedies,” the governor said.

Haley celebrated the way South Carolinians have over and over responded to tragedies.

“The one constant was when things we didn’t understand happened, the action, the faith was there, the action was people stood hand and hand and loved each other,” Haley explained passionately.

She says she called for the day of prayer to remind everyone that she believes with that same faith and action, the state will continue moving forward.

“As we hear the details of these murders come out. As we find out more information we don’t want to know what I ask is that you pray for the people who have the responsibility to bring justice and that you pray for these families,” Haley said.

There were several prayers and songs during the vigil all to encourage everyone to unite.

Haley said she thought it best she return back to Mother Emanuel, the place where nine people were shot and killed last year during a bible study because of the legacy they left behind and the one she hopes South Carolinians will continue.

“Because of the faith that those 12 people in that bible study, that will forever be an amazing moment for all of us,” the governor said. “They didn’t have faith alone. In that bible study, they had love and acceptance in that room and that’s what we need to remember.”