News 19 is continuing its investigation into the assault of a 5-year-old boy at a City of Columbia-run summer camp. Now, the grandfather of the teen accused of the assault is coming forward, speaking on behalf of his grandson.

News 19 is not making his identity known, but he says he doesn't believe his grandson did anything wrong.

"From what he's been taught and what my daughter has been taught, no,” he says, when asked if he believes his grandson committed the assault of a 5-year-old at Lorick Park.

"My daughter called me and was telling me that she hadn't seen her son,” he says. “I told her immediately call the hospital and call the jail to make sure that he's alright and I'll go out and look for him. She called me back and said dad come to find out he's in Alvin S. Glenn.”

His grandson has been in the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center since the July 28th incident.

His grandfather says they have no idea what's going on and want answers as to why they weren't notified of his arrest.

"We don't know anything and they aren't helping us to find out anything,” he says. “Now we believe he didn't do it. We definitely don't believe he did it, because he wasn't taught that type of behavior."

"This is his first time ever being locked up and he just turned 16 two months ago, but they are charging him as an adult and he's facing 25 to life."

He says his grandson is expected to make his first appearance next week.

Meanwhile, the City of Columbia still remains tight-lipped on the assault and hasn’t answered how the 5-year-old came into their care at the Lorick Park Summer Camp and how this could happen under their watch.