Columbia, SC (WLTX)-- Members of the South Carolina Christian Action Council say it's time for the church to do more than just pray when it comes to violence.

The South Carolina Christian Action Council had their annual meeting Thursday and based it around the church’s role in violence.

“The church has a voice and we can no longer sing and pray and light candles and stand on bridges with our hands connected,” Executive Minister of the South Carolina Christian Action Council Brenda Kneece explained. “We have to teach children that guns are not a game. We have to teach our constituents who can then teach their friends and neighbors and pretty soon everybody in the state's going to know every legally owned gun must be kept locked up and not in the hands of anybody.”

Different pastors and law enforcement officers asking everyone to get involved.

“Proactive is educating members of the church as to the political positions of those who represent them when it comes to reasonable gun safety and gun control laws,” Presiding Elder of the Beaufort District of the AME Church Joseph Darby said. “Proactive is doing Bible studies and other events to be able to talk about how to combat violence. Proactive is going to the polls and making sure that people go to the polls and elect people with decency and good sense.”

The most important message was unity.

“If I know every human as a brother and a sister, violence becomes more difficult,” Kneece said.

The group hopes the meeting urges churches to get more involved in their communities and come up with solutions to reduce violence.