Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The Las Vegas shooting has horrified the world and reignited an intense debate in our country about gun control.

#GunControlNow started trending hours after the shooting. People used the hashtag to voice their stance on whether or not the U.S. needs tougher gun laws.

The White House says this is not the time to talk about gun control and that policy debate is premature. Monday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says this is a time for the country to unite.

Since the shooting, people have been looking into Nevada's gun laws. According to CBS News, the state does not require firearm owners to have a license or register their guns. There is no waiting period, no magazine capacity limit and some fully automatic weapons are legal.

In South Carolina, there are two bills that would allow anyone who is legally allowed to buy a gun to do so without getting a state permit and carry it openly or concealed. They were not passed into law this session, but will most likely be brought up again when the next session starts in January.