Columbia, SC (WLTX) - WLTX is getting a head start on Make a Difference Day by holding a food drive for Harvest Hope Food Bank Friday.

The amount of people in our community who need help putting food on the table is alarming.

Harvest Hopes helps about 48,000 people per week.

Westley Harrison is 71-years-old and is one of the people that gets aid from the food bank.

“Harvest Hope you know provided me with food, that helped me buy my medicine and take a hardship from my family,” Harrison said.

She was severely sick a few years ago and had to choose between food and medicine.

“Harvest Hope helps out a lot,” she explained.

Westley still receives food from Harvest Hope and now volunteers with the agency three times per week.

“You need to come and give back because you never know when you'll be in the same line,” the volunteer said.

Harrison wants you to help as well.

You can drop off canned goods anytime between 6 am – 6 pm Friday at WLTX at 6027 Garners Ferry Road.

“Food drives with the holidays coming up are very important and this is a great chance to get out there and make a difference in someone’s life and with the holidays coming up you know it’s not quite November yet but we always have to plan ahead and this is a great chance for you to help us build up some reserves for the big push coming with the holiday season,” Jamie Peebles with Harvest Hope said.

That food will also serve to fill the 10 blessing boxes that WLTX and volunteers from Arby's and Harvey Hope will be constructing on Saturday for Make A Difference Day.

What is a Blessing Box, you ask? It’s a large box that is placed in a rural community and filled with food. It’s maintained by the local community and/or church. People who have trouble getting to a food bank because of transportation or because it’s just too far away are able to go to the Blessing Box and take what they need. It’s a “Give What You Can, Take What You Need” situation.