Santee, SC (WLTX) - While state agencies are sending people out to help with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, some people are leaving their jobs to make a positive impact in the disaster zone.

Two lifelong friends are packing up to head out west to help out with the natural disaster in Texas. The two are taking two weeks off work to help make a difference, and they're hoping they can help shine a light for those in need.

Kyle Sargent is used to getting calls from around Santee.

"Hell or high water, we're coming. I'm ready to go. This is what I signed up to do. I have the certification and the medical background and first responder background to go help," explained Sargent.

The firefighter is headed halfway across the country to help those in Texas. First-aid kits, gas tanks, a boat, and other donations collected from the town all packed up in the truck for a fifteen-hour trip. He's taken two weeks off work to make sure he can do his part in Houston.

"I would hope people out-of-state would help if my family was in the same situation and I had to go respond for people around here, that people from Houston would come and do the same for them," said Sargent.

For James Duck, it hits close to home. He's originally from Georgetown in the north part of Texas but has family in Houston.

"Seeing that I was born in Texas, I don't see why I can't go help Texas out. I'm just hoping to get down there and send help to my family or help them out. The main thing is getting out there and helping whoever we can help out," said Duck.

The duo is leaving their families here in South Carolina in hopes to help save other families in Texas.
But the bottom line is Duck and Sargent want people in Texas to know that they care.

"Hopefully people see that there are still good people out there, especially in the United States, that do care no matter the distance and no matter the circumstance," said Duck.

The two are both excited to see the support that has come from the community that have donated the items and say they are grateful for everyone’s support.

The mayor of Santee, Donnie Hillard, says he plans on finding a way to help pay and take care of what the two men will need while they’re in Houston.