Columbia, SC (WLTX) - It's okay to have a Halloween hangover, but you don't want death by chocolate.

Of all the ways to go, overdosing on candy might not be so bad, but it's actually pretty hard to pull off.

Like all things, the dose makes the poison. When eaten in one sitting, at high enough doses, sugar can be toxic.

The American Chemical Society says that in order to give yourself a 50-50 chance of consuming a lethal amount of the sweet stuff, you'd need to ingest 13.5 grams of sugar for each pound of your body weight, all in one session.

The Center for Disease Control says the average man weighs 196 pounds. That means that person would have to consume 2,640 grams of sugar to run the risk of dying.

What's that translate to? About 155 fun size Snickers, and 102 fun size packages of plain M&M's to have a candy coma.

The average woman standing at 169 pounds. She would need to eat 2,282 grams of sugar for a sugar shutdown. That's 245 pieces of fun sized candy, and 1,521 pieces of candy corn.

Before a fructose fatality, dietician Kelly Lewis says your body's defense mechanisms would start kicking in. "
"I think you'll start feeling the symptoms prior to eating those five hundred pieces of candy," she said.

"Yeah, I think your body would react to it," she said.

But what are those symptoms?

"You probably would have a stomach ache you wouldn't feel very well because all that sugar would metabolize, you'd feel lethargic," she said.

Here's the scariest part of it all: Lewis says the recommended dose of candy is just two to three pieces of candy a day.