Columbia, SC (WLTX)- More homes in one of the oldest Columbia neighborhoods are turning into room and board houses, neighbors are fighting back before the City of Columbia.

Margaret Land is a homeowner who rents out three of her rooms in one home, that's allowed by the law but Tuesday she went before the City to ask for special permission to house more.

The request was denied. While she was very upset about the decision, other community members said this send a big message to others hoping to do the same.

James Baker has been living in Waverly Historic District for over 70 years. He says more and more homes are renting out their rooms and that's not what they want.

The history of this community is so rich, he says they're looking for homeowners and families who hope to keep up the character of the neighborhood.

Margaret told News19 she is planning to continue renting out her home like she had but doesn't understand why she can't do what she wishes with her property.