Columbia, SC (WLTX) - If you rode on a COMET bus on Thursday, you may have seen a few people who looked a bit out of place and talked like they were from out of this century. That's because they were portraying historical figures for COMET's Black History event.

"It's not just in a book, and it's not just on a computer, we're bringing the history to life," said Dr. Germon Miller-Bey, from the Legacy Hut. The Legacy Hut partnered with the COMET to organize the event.

"It's called the black history interactive experience," said Tiffany James, with COMET.

James says figures like Shaka Zulu, Claudette Colvin, King Akhenaten, and Harriet Tubman ride the bus and engage with customers.

"They talk to them about who they are and about their lives," James said.

Harriet Tubman was played by Miller-Bey.

"It can be rather... startling," Miller-Bey said.

Miller-Bey says it usually takes people a minute to realize what's happening.

"But then after awhile [they] figure it out," Miller-Bey said, "[and] the light bulbs go on, then the conversations start."

They say they just want people to get off the bus with a little more knowledge than when they came on.

You can catch the interactive bus ride again on Friday the 17th, Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th on routes 15, 101, and 601 from 10AM - 2pm.