Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Hurricane Matthew hit the Midlands just a few days after the one-year anniversary of last year's flood. It even affected houses on Glenhaven Road in Columbia, where some of the worst hit homes during the flood were damaged again..

"It's really sad and kind of unfortunate to see the same areas really affected," said Emily McCollum, a resident on Glenhaven Road.

"That's kind of sad to see any empty lot where somebody's life used to be," McCollum said.

McCollum says she was spared from the wrath of Hurricane Matthew.

"We were really fortunate this time around to only deal with a few days of power outages," McCollum said.

McCollum's neighbors across the street were not so lucky.

"It sounded like a big crack and then boom," said Titus Duren, the father of McCollum's neighbors.

Duren says he went to check on his daughter at her Glenhaven home Saturday afternoon when part of a tree in the front yard fell on his truck.

"I came outside a few minutes later," Duren explained, "as I was standing [there], the other base of the big oak tree fell on the house."

The proof lies in the gaping hole the tree left behind. The truck?

"It's a total loss, it's waiting to go to the insurance yard," Duren said.

It seemed to Duren mother nature has not been on their side.

"[We're] still trying to finish out from the flood and now we got hit again with the hurricane," Duren said.

Although mother nature was not on their side, Duren says God was.

"Well we were blessed that nobody was hurt even though we were in the house," Duren said.

Like the X's marked on the homes in the neighborhood, McCollum says it is another example of how anyone can be nature's target.

"It's a really big reminder of how strong mother nature is and that she's relentless and that it doesn't matter how far apart the years are," McCollum said.