Richland County, SC (WLTX) - Since March, the Richland County Recreation Commission, it's executive director James Brown III, several board members, and members of its staff have faced five civil lawsuits alleging sexual harassment, intimidation, bribery and more.

In May Brown's son, who is the director of recreation for the agency, was arrested on multiple gun and drug charges.

Brown III and five of the seven members of its board were asked to resign by a majority of the Richland County Legislative delegation. And on Wednesday, Brown was indicted by a Richland County Grand jury.

So when the the commission announces that it was re-accredited by the Commission of Accreditation for Park and Recreation Agencies, an agency in conjunction with the National Recreation and Park Association, you may ask, "How?".

After contacting the CAPRA & NRPA, News 19 was told by the agencies that the Richland County Recreation Commission did not disclose their legal issues during their initial report.

According to CAPRA, members felt the recreation commission deserved the accreditation based on the agency meeting 150 out of 151 standards, but did issue a "strong warning" after learning about the lawsuits and other troubles facing the commission.

CAPRA also told the recreation commission to send them quarterly status updates beginning in January 2017 and a final report when all legal action is complete.

CAPRA said that the recreation commission or any other agency applying for accreditation does not have to disclose legal complications they might be facing.

The recreation commission did not share the information regarding CAPRA's warning in their press release announcing their accreditation.