Sumter, SC (WLTX) - The July Fourth Holiday is over but many people are choosing to shoot fireworks days afterwards which can make others upset.

Allen Clark is all about having fun and shooting fireworks anytime of the year but he does think people should be mindful.

"We have to consider others. A lot of us have to get up the next morning and go to work. We can't be shooting fireworks at two or three o'clock in the morning," said Clark.

Noise ordinances are different for each town here in the Midlands. In Lexington County, no one is allowed to shoot fireworks after 9 pm because of a noise ordinance in place until six in the morning. Over in Orangeburg, law enforcement asks you to stop shooting them after 11 pm.

Many people are concerned about people shooting fireworks after the holiday because of how it may impact Veterans that suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, pets, and folks who may be heading into work the next morning.

In Sumter, there isn't a cut-off time but Captain Jeffery Jackson with the Sumter Police Department says you should think about how shooting fireworks may affect others.

"If they're selling them, then it would be okay for them to discharge those and then what we will do is as long as they are mindful and respectful of their neighbors, then we don't have an issue or problem," said Jackson. "You're going to have to live there after the July 4th holiday. You don't want to create chaos between you and your neighbors."

Clark is on board with allowing people to have fun and respecting others' opinions.

"We love our neighbors. Let's not tick them off. Let's love them and have that cut-off time," said Clark.

If you're unsure what your town's noise ordinance is, head to your residential area's website to check it out.