Columbia, SC (WLTX) - When the Midlands needed help during the thousand-year flood in 2015, other states came to the rescue to help South Carolina out. Now people here are looking for ways to return the favor.

City of Columbia:

The City of Columbia is asking for your help to donate items to send out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

They are asking you donate cleaning supplies such as bleach, mops, cleaning rags, and more.

You are also asked to bring clean clothes. Used clothes are good to bring as long as they are washed and clean.

They are also asking for nonperishable food items to help feed victims.

Personal hygiene items like toothbrushes, shampoo, and soap will be excepted as well.

For a full list of those locations, click here.

SBP (Formally the Saint Bernard Project):

SBP had its beginning back when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana back twelve years ago. They are now working nationwide to help those affected by natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and from the Thousand-Year flood here in the Midlands.

The group specializes with home assistance after natural disasters.

On Wednesday, the group was actually working on a home in Columbia that was affected from the 2015 Flood.

One person going to Texas with the group, Morgan Villnave, says seeing Hurricane Katrina inspired her to join the organization.

"I grew up in the era of Hurricane Katrina with everybody trying to recover from that. Not being able to help because I was so young and once I become an age where I could help, SBP was the perfect opportunity," said Villnave.

Leah Cossette also works for the organization and says they can help people avoid the common issue of contractor fraud.

"SPB is really good about education side of things. So we want to educate people how to avoid contractor fraud. We know that almost sixty percent of homeowners will be impacted by contractor fraud after a disaster so we want to prepare people for that," explained Cossette.

The process can take a long time to get through all of it and Cossette says they're there to make it easier.

"We also want to educate people the best way to access FEMA and insurance funds. Those processes are incredibly complex. People are stressed out. They have so much on their plate after a disaster. We just want to simplify that process for them," said Cossette.

If you would like to help in Texas or also help in Columbia with projects relating to the flood, you can click here to get involved.